"Planet-E" is a strategic board game suitable for both teenagers and adults. Players collaborate to achieve various urban development goals, while simultaneously considering the balance of ecological values, economic growth, and the climate crisis. The game features seven terrains: wetlands, forests, pastures, farmlands, degraded lands, woodlands, and grasslands. These terrains not only reflect the richness of the natural world but also enhance players' comprehensive thinking abilities. Coastal, mountainous, and desert regions highlight the varying challenges and innovative opportunities for management. Together, players can create a sustainable new world on "Planet-E."

"Pacific Climate Adventures" is a light strategy board game suitable for both teenagers and adults. Each player assumes a unique role, such as a indigenous resident, tribal leader, fisherman, tourist, resort developer, scientist, or documentary director. Living on the South Pacific islands, players with special skills can assist each other using their unique abilities, like the fisherman who can ferry people across the sea. Throughout the game, some players may face the risk of being randomly engulfed by waves due to bad luck, but most can earn points and survive until the end through collaborative problem-solving and encountering various events. In this perilous survival challenge, we believe that teams adept at cooperation and dedicated to sustainable development will surely emerge victorious.